Maid To Impress

“When Only The Best Will Impress”


Thinking of hiring a maid service?

You’ll want to ask quite a few questions of any cleaning service you are considering in order to help you decide which company is the best fit for your needs and expectations.

A professional maid service will ask a number of questions about your home and your family during the process of building your cleaning estimate, and you should in turn ask questions about the cleaning service. Find out whether the company is bonded and insured; this protects your home and your property from theft or damage. Any reputable maid service should be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance to assure you that they are indeed properly insured. Understand what the company’s cleaning policies are should you need to change a scheduled cleaning, whether or not they require a contract for a specific length of time, who will provide the cleaning products, what happens if something in your home is broken or damaged, and what type of quality guarantee the maid service offers.

Our mission is simple. That is to have 100% customer satisfaction for all of our services.

We are proud to be more personal than any other company.What that means is that we listen to our customers demands and do our very best to satisfy all their wants and needs. We have a set plan of attack for every house we clean. But we realize that everyone has different wants. So for those customers, we build a custom cleaning program to fit their needs. If you’re on a budget like most of Americans these days we can also build a package to stay within your budget.